The Birth of the Body Tune

What does a complete body tune mean to you.
The body, mind and spirit are connected. This has always been a deep belief of mine, and now I have experienced the effects on each one of the others. It is a trilogy of health.

On my journey of staying strong and healthy. A blind spot was having an effect on my stress levels, causing a reoccurring pain in my neck and sciatica. I was not allowing the energies of health and clarity to guide me past pain and stress. I was letting the evidence, hide the solutions. The journey led me to a re-connection to self, and allowing my positive energies to have power again. It was a conversation that I had to have with my own existence. I had to tune into my body instead of tuning my body out. This is my story from the last year, and I am grateful to be able to share it with you. I hope that you can get some benefits from my solutions. If you can relate in anyway, I would love to talk to you about your journey and the solutions to help you reconnect to your body.
As I was learning and certifying in yoga, and Reiki I was seeing the concepts, but not able to put them into action for myself. My anxieties and panic attacks continued to plaque me. My sciatica pain was not going away and it seemed like there would be no relief in sight. This last year I had a sciatica attack that helped me to find the connection between what I wanted and needed to finally be really strong and healthy. The decision to move forward had to be built from within me, the intuitive guidance.

For years I have studied, practiced, and taught Reiki, Yoga, and various types of physical fitness to stay strong and help others. It all starts with energy where we focus on our breath. This is the beginning of our health trilogy that builds energy. When you breathe correctly, you are able to accept the air into your body to nourish with positivity. When you start to breathe for health, your health starts to breathe for you. Without this energy supporting us every day we are disconnected from our health trilogy.

Body Tune is a system which allows you to learn to control your stress, regain your energy levels become flexible, and strengthens your mind, body, and soul. We are going to cover these systems and techniques in 7 steps.

Step 1

Let’s discuss the energy meridians in your body. There are five major meridians with 7 supporting chakras. Our thoughts create energy and are then channeled down through these meridians. We now feel our thoughts in our body. The challenge here is what are in our thoughts. Do we carry negative thoughts such as anger and fear that drag our bodies down? When this happens we tune our emotions out to protect ourselves. This emotional disconnect causes a stress response in the body. Leading to tightness in our muscles, weakness, imbalance and pain. When you start my system, you find a reconnection to your body by finding these energy meridians that have been weakened. This program is so simple and effective and it all starts with a single powerful breath.

Step 2:

It is important to move the body. We start with simple yoga poses that stretch and release the stressed meridian that is cemented into our body core. Now we are able to be open to healthy energy and relaxation that restores the body and allows it to start to heal, by feeling our stress slide away. Relief of pain begins immediately. It may be a very small change in the beginning, but stay in tune with your body and you will feel every sensation. Every journey starts with the first vital step. You have now taken your first step to a pain free existence.

Let’s take a moment to discuss some specific ways to bring our bodies back to balance and health. What are some of the basic symptoms of an imbalanced body?
Is your breath centered in the upper chest? Causing a fight or flight syndrome that creates belly fat. That is one of the symptoms that is heart meridian stress.
When the heart or throat chakras are closed the hand meridians are overstressed, causing shoulder and neck pain. Arthritis of the joints in the hand begins to start, and expands up the joints in the body (Also the energy centers in the hand are important for receiving energy).
Our next area is the solar plexus and groin area causing our feet chakras to be overstressed. This starts hip and lower back pain with sciatica. Posture is affected by tightness pulling the body forward. It’s important to ground the feet and receive energy from the earth that restores our body.
“The Body Tune” uses a combination of physical remedies establishing flexibility and strength through a restorative yoga sequence targeting each of your chakras. Self-acupressure on points of each of your affected meridian points, and learning to breathe effectively while listing to your body.

Now you are ready to strengthen your muscles at the core. Up to this point they have become weak and caused the muscles that surround them to spread. As you go through “The Body Tune”, you will acquire the skills to continually restore your energy and strengthen your body, mind, and soul. Be in the habit of creating continual health.

Looking at the emotions and the effect that they have on the body. Remember our emotions are energy in motion. As thoughts become energy, they have a different frequency that can either restore or breakdown our body and the systems. Here is a brief description of the stronger negative emotions and their effect on the body.
                Anger: is used as a power/energy source. It wears our body down, pushing hard on our systems. Learning to deal with our anger can be the start to a restorative power.
                Worry is used to guard the body by not allowing the feelings to be felt. It takes all the energy in the body. Making it very hard to accept positive energy and restore health.

                Fear has the power of telling your body you don’t want to feel, causing a huge disconnect. This may show up as anxiety, or panic. You start to avoid situations that would cause fear. Or you may choose to numb the feeling. One of the more powerful emotions because it limits your ability to enjoy even simple things in life, and caring about yourself.

All of these energies travel on certain yin and yang energy meridians. Affecting the muscles surrounding the area by creating chronic tightness, discomfort and pain.

Tuning into your body with your intuition is really the last step when the energy that has been used to deal with the pain or the stress can be re-routed to nourish and support the understanding of yourself. Meditation can now grow your intuition and strength, helping you to understand the process of your bodies and learning to feel imbalances before it gets a chance to take control.

Sometimes we create these unhealthy symptoms, that is to be expected. This is a journey of changing your mind and thought creating a change to your body. The final step is a process of its own, geared to coaching you to create your passion, by first discovering what it is.

My greatest experiences are those where the body, mind and spirit combine to create an amazing transformation from breath to movement to strength. Allowing our intuition to guide us to our passion. Reconnecting to ourselves.

I have been on a personal quest my entire life to discover what steps really lead you to success. An incredible experience as we move forward and leave pain and stress behind. You body talks to you in only the way it knows how and only you can hear. Tune into your Body and Soar.

For more information, please visit my website.


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