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A Creative healer in Logan Utah
Krystal Knigge is a mother of 5 (her newest being a 9-month old boy) and a healer here in Cache Valley. She has many years’ experience in various healing modalities. This article is merely an introduction to Krystal, touching briefly on several of her methods. She has a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom, so we won’t be able to feature each of her methods in detail in this article. To learn more about a specific method and how it may benefit you, contact Krystal, or WATCH for articles on her specific methods in future issues of Hot as Health.

She has been a practitioner for the Stephenson Method of Creative Healing for 12 years, a Licensed Massage Therapist for 11 years, and for the past 2 years a Belief Breakthrough Mentor, a Theta Healing Practitioner, an Intention Based Energetics Instructor, and finally a Reiki Practitioner for a year.

“I’ve always been very fascinated with the second coming of Jesus Christ, and in the last year I’ve taken a lot of classes that geared toward preparing spiritually for that type of situation. Not buying tents, but being in a spiritual space all the time, where you operate on an inner peace equilibrium. This heightens your energetic and spiritual vibration, and it isn’t dependant on what goes on around you. You have a powerful connection to God, Christ, and your own self all the time, and you don’t have any fear.” - Krystal

Dave - Welcome to Hot as Health Krystal! Glad to feature you in our first issues. Tell us about yourself.

Krystal - Hi! I’m Krystal. I specialize in Belief Breakthrough, Stephenson’s Massage, Theta Healing, and Reiki Spiritual Healing.

When I had my 3rd child, my daughter Lucy, I had a personal spiritual awakening. I’ve really been intensely-focused on healing myself and others since then.
I’m 29 years old... You’re not going to put that in my bio are you?

D - I think people will be impressed at your passion and interest at such a young age.
I’m excited to hear about this because I don’t know much about your methods, so you’ll have to be patient with me if I am ignorant.

K - That’s perfect, then you’ll ask the right questions.

D – Tell me about your education. How did you get from “I know nothing about health and wellness and healing” to where you are now?

K - I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge and spiritual growth. I love learning to increase my awareness of my personal connection to God. All the things I’m learning support me in that purpose and goal.

D - Any idea why it was when you had Lucy that such a change occurred?

K - It was just the right time for me. I had the right mentors coming into my life. They opened my eyes and steered me in the right direction. It all started with a homeschool book club that I got invited to go to. It ended up really enriching my life and broadening my perspective. I had to read these books that got me thinking, and I started meeting people that would refer me to other books and classes and conferences. I’m a crazy note taker. I love going back over them and meditating on what I learned, praying about it, asking my Higher Power if it should go in my “Things I know Are Truth” box or “Set-On-a-Shelf” box.

D - So what’s your history then? You kind of started with a little more of the physical aspect, Creative Healing and such, and then it has kind of developed... If you had to give it a timeline, how would you describe getting from there to where you are now?

K - I’ve always had a designated healing room in my home. At first I used it mainly for massage, and then I noticed people needed to come back for more bodywork soon after. I started to use Creative Healing and realized I was more gifted with the Emotional body. I didn’t like people leaving and feeling awesome for a week and then needing bodywork again so soon. I want people to heal permanently from the cellular, mental, and physical levels, everything. Creative Healing is a lot more effective at the emotional and physical aspects of healing. I naturally integrate energy healing and belief breakthrough work into Creative Healing. It has gotten so fun to see people’s lives changing from coming to get work done.

D – You are a Reiki practitioner since last year. Define Reiki. I’m sure many people don’t know much about that.

K - Reiki is an ancient healing art from China. It deals with clearing the chakras, (our energy centers in the body). These chakras hold negative emotions and also thought patterns, some being passed down generationally in our DNA. The healing work increases positive energy (what the Chinese call life force) into those spaces instead. This heals past trauma and raises your energy vibration, it feels so good!

D – Fascinating. Define belief breakthrough.

K - Belief Breakthrough is re-patterning your thoughts from negative beliefs to positive beliefs. It’s getting to the root of why you do what you do. When I take clients into a Theta brain wave state, we can discover the subconscious beliefs that they have been basing their choices on unknowingly. Then they get to choose the new belief they will operate on. Their life will begin to reflect the new core beliefs. For example someone may have a belief of “the people I love leave me.” Their relationship patterns would reflect this core belief. It feels like such a breakthrough when you recognize deep down you’ve been carrying this fear. With this new awareness, they can choose what to believe (ex: “my relationships are long- lasting with loyalty”) and then create that in their relationships from that point forward.

D - We are creators. Reminds me of vision boards.

K - Yes, vision boards are a great tool to help us learn how to create, or “manifest”. All beings have that power, we are manifesting all the time. We might not realize it. But we’re manifesting negative and positive things all the time. It reinforces what we believe, feel, and think about life, about ourselves, about others. I teach my clients how to do belief breakthrough and manifesting like the organizations Limitless and 3 Key Elements.

D - We keep tabs on Kirk Duncan, he’s a good guy.
So you started to incorporate the spiritual aspect, and saw a lot of benefits to people you’ve been working with for a long time, so you got a pretty good case study.

K - Yes, and that has increased my desire to apply the work to myself, seeing it change my clients’ lives.

D - So by ‘apply it to yourself’, you mean not just teach it, but live it?

K - Right. So I did understand a lot of these concepts at an early age, but I didn’t really apply them until the time my Lucy was born.

D - Interesting. Like you said the timing was right.

K - Yes, I needed to suffer and have some rough experiences first, before I was willing to do the work to change.

D - Sometimes people learn the hard way, huh? But we learn, that’s what’s important. So correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like what you are focused on and excited about applying, is basically just helping people. This is going to sound probably way too simplistic, but basically helping people know themselves, and create their life on purpose, intentionally, and be at peace with God. I know those are generic phrases.

K - Yeah they are, but it’s powerful when you actually experience these changes in yourself. The power of awareness is huge. We are doing things all the time that we are just completely unaware of.

D - Give me some examples.

K - OK, let’s say I have the core belief that people reject me. Everywhere I go I will experience rejection. I’ll have the energy level of “rejection” within me and that draws to me relationships and situations that reinforce that this belief is truth. I will have years of evidence that people reject me. My natural inclination may be sadness and blame toward those that have rejected me. I may feel like a victim, be frustrated, and believe there’s nothing I can do about these things. It’s a reflex to feel powerless and angry, right? And for years I’m going to be holding those negative emotions in my energy centers. And if you are like most people, you are unaware this is even happening. You think that it’s a normal part of life. When you become aware that it’s not, and take accountability for your creations and your beliefs, that is when the patterns of your life start to shift into something better. You’re going to realize that you’re never a victim, you’re never powerless, and that you get to choose how you feel, you get to choose how you think about yourself, and others. This is how much of our unique life experience is created. When we switch out negative beliefs for positive ones, we look at ourselves and others through a different lens. We can make it ANYTHING we want.

D - I like the language you’re using, that’s fascinating. I think people will really latch onto that.

K - Ha ha, good! They’ll be happy if they do.

Interview with Krystal Knigge is a three series article that will run in the next two issues.
Krystal is a mother and healer in Cache Valley, Logan Utah.
Contact Krystal at
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