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Creative Healing with Krystal Knigge PT1

Change your lifestyle with a creative healer.
Krystal Knigge is a mother of 5 (her newest being a 9-month old boy) and a healer here in Cache Valley. She has many years’ experience in various healing modalities. This article is merely an introduction to Krystal, touching briefly on several of her methods. She has a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom, so we won’t be able to feature each of her methods in detail in this article. To learn more about a specific method and how it may benefit you, contact Krystal, or WATCH for articles on her specific methods in future issues of Hot as Health.

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The Birth of the Body Tune

The Body Tune is a yoga, meditation complete body program
The body, mind and spirit are connected. This has always been a deep belief of mine, and now I have experienced the effects on each one of the others. It is a trilogy of health.

On my journey of staying strong and healthy. A blind spot was having an effect on my stress levels, causing a reoccurring pain in my neck and sciatica. I was not allowing the energies of health and clarity to guide me past pain and stress. I was letting the evidence, hide the solutions.

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