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Fitness and Body Builder D'Marko and his wife Erica Blewett
On any given day, you can walk into the gym at dub campus and find the Blewetts talking healthy living to just about anyone that will listen. But they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Changing the lives of people isn’t a job, it’s a sense of satisfaction. D’marko is the strong silent type, until you hit a topic of passion, then watch out. His eyes light up and his mind runs at 100 mph. But at the core of every thought he seems to have, he is looking for a way to “Pay it forward”, and bring strength to the everyone. If you look back to his childhood you can see why he feels it is so important to him to give strength and voice to those who have none. D’marko grew up on the mean streets of West Salt Lake City, his pop’s died when he was very young leaving his mother to raise him and his two siblings by herself. D’Marko was the youngest of the three children and the first to graduate from high school. When your growing up, you don’t really know the difference, he thought he was just being cool by being the only kid that had holes in his jeans. He always thought he was just setting trends. When he was eleven years old, he started out by shining shoes with his mom by his side. She was his biggest supporter.
To stay off the streets and out of trouble, when he was 15 years old, he started boxing. He knew there were only three ways out of the neighborhood. Dead, Prison, or with hard work. He just didn’t know it would take him to Hollywood and back. He was lucky enough to have the support of a couple of police officers that helped him get into boxing, and learn to fight in a constructive manner.

He was a tall skinny kid, so at 16 he started to work out and bulk up triggering his passion for body building. At 17 he was in his very first contest at the Capital Theatre in downtown Salt Lake, egged on by a friend they had to ride their bikes downtown to compete. His dare paid off he took second place in the great Salt Lake area. Once he received his first minor title, he was hooked.

His first official title won was Mr. Utah in 1982 when his mother encouraged him to follow his dream. When other boys were turning to football, D’Marko turned to body building. It was not in his nature to follow the pack, and this continues to be true today.

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He knew if he was ever going to go anywhere in the body building world, he would have to leave Utah and go to the west coast. In an old 1960 VW Beatle, he packed a few belongings and took off towards California. Without enough money to make it all the way, D’Marko took a year-long pit stop in Las Vegas, where he worked as a bouncer in local bars. After a year, he packed his things back into the bug and headed towards Los Angeles. This was in 1986.

When he got to LA, his car got stolen after only one month. All of this happened while he was getting ready for the Mr. Los Angeles contest. He was homeless for about three months. But with the help of his friend who owned the 24 hour Golds gym, who would let D’Marko shower and hang out. It is in the gym he met Jermain Jackson. Jermain was so impress he contracted D’Marko to be a body guard for himself, and two of his friends, Dominick Wilkins, and soul singer Issack Hayes during a weekend trip to Atlantic City. D’Marko made $3200 for the weekend, which was just enough to buy him an old station wagon. Jermaine helped D’Marko along the way by contracting him a few more times, during which he had the resources to prepare for the Mr. Los Angeles contest. In between working at the gym and side jobs as a bouncer, D’Marko would audition and act for roles in shows as a body builder. If you look closely you can see him in the Munsters and the movie Con Air.

Right before the competition, he was burned with meledina oil, even with burns on his body he competed in Mr. Los Angeles and took first place. He accomplished all of this during a time when he was living out of his car and a small gym where his friend let him shower and train clients. He decided to compete at the last minute, a decision he made at 3 am. This was in 1988, six years after his first Mr. Utah competition. In 1989 he entered the USA competition and took sixth place.

D’Marko’s personality is characterized by his choice of making major life decisions at the last moment and living life to the fullest. At this point he had arrived in the body building world, magazines were looking for interviews, which gave D’Marko notoriety.

In 1990, D’Marko was offered a position starting a new Golds Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada where he had the resources to start educating others in the power of training and nutrition. While working at the gym, D’Marko got a call to read for a new live show at the Rio hotel and Casino called “Tropical Heat” along-side three of the most beautiful women in Nevada. Although short lived, D’Marko was doing three shows a night until an injury to his ankle closed the show permanently.

In 1992 he came back to Utah to take care of his mother who was suffering from cancer. He had to find a way to make a living so he started his own chain of fitness stores called “Custom Fit Nutrition Centers”. Due to a divorce he was forced to sell his fitness stores, but this helped him to start up a whole new life in the fitness and wellness world with supplements and personal training.

D’Marko met Erica at his birthday party through a mutual friend, they got married nine months later. Together they were determined to follow a life of fitness and health. Together they opened a retail supplement store, due to the cost of competition and online sales they sold it a few years later. When he and Erica discovered Dub nutrition, it gave them a format where customers could work out in the gym for free in exchange for their monthly supplement purchase and giving back to their communities for one hour a week. The pay it forward concept became not just a lifestyle, but their own personal goal.

Erica was a 36-year single mother of two with fibromyalgia, a non-stop chronic pain disorder, who had had three surgeries to remove cancer lesions when she met D’Marko. At the time, she was going through a divorce after eighteen years of marriage. “I’ve been ill as far back as I can remember, starting in my 20’s”, states Erica. But as a young mother, she didn’t have the time to be sick so she turned to prescriptions to cope. She was on pills to help her sleep, stay awake, deal with pain, keep calm, reduce headaches and nausea. Her whole life felt like a lie. Like most people with Fibromyalia, depression had taken a toll on her mind and body.

D’Marko taught Erica the power of the three pillars of health. They started working out together, changed her eating habits and she became strong and healthy. For the first time, Erica was prescription free. Thanks to her new life, Erica started training for local strength and fitness competitions, and has had one placement.

Iron man magazine did an article on D’Marko, Erica and Dub nutrition in July 2015. Dub, discover your ultimate body, is a great network for those who want to go beyond diet and exercise. It is a change in lifestyle in a gym that has the support and challenges that are unique and successful.

You can see the Blewetts at or give them a call at 801.864.1327

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