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Logan Utah has a premier Karate instructor at Cache Valley Athletics
A true definition of strong and committed to kids, family, and community, starts with a walk into the dojo “White Tiger Karate” at Cache Valley Athletics to watch Sensi Lynn Meyers with his students. Lynn guides students from toddler to ancient. He is so committed to his belief in family and community that he has based his program around it.

“When you join our kenpo class with your family, you are not only acting as an inspiration to your own family, but you are also inspiring other families in the class. You are setting a good example and actually inspiring everyone involved in and out of class to BETTER themselves at martial arts and in life as a whole by just participating.    It is never too late for you to better yourself, in any way! “

As a writer, I get the opportunity to meet and talk to a lot of people, but the years I have known Lynn have been an inspiration to me. He doesn’t really like being in the spot light or having the focus put upon him, but I just couldn’t help myself.


Lynn grew up in a family where the only person that could hear the world around them was his mother. His father was deaf, and had issues coping with his lack of hearing, he spent his life drinking and associating with people who probably didn’t have the best of intentions. Lynn grew up in a home where alcohol was the solution to many frustrations. Growing up in a predominately Mormon community, the actions of neighbors was probably heart felt, but had the exact opposite effect on Lynn and his siblings. They didn’t understand the challenges that came from being deaf and not being able to communicate with others. To compound this problem, Lynn did not learn to sign as a child so his struggles were more of a communication isolation.  He spent his childhood being teased and bullied, feeling ashamed of his limitations.

When he was young, movies were only 25 cents, so he spent a lot of time watching Bruce Lee. One of his favorites was a James Coburn movie called “Our Man Flint”.  Watching the underdog win with honor was an inspiration. A small spark was planted in the child that would soon define the man. Like the rest of his family Lynn spent years trying to drink away the pain, but no amount of alcohol would take away the fire that burned inside of him. With a deep-rooted knowledge of an abominable spirit that burns with a passion inside, set the key to Lynn’s future successes. He has focused on becoming a martial artist since he was very small. He spent his life visualizing it in everything he did. By teaching himself to set the goal, focus on it, and then see it within himself. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there, the focus just needs to be on getting there.

Lynn was kind of a late bloomer, it took him 7 more years than normal to graduate from high school and he didn’t graduate from college until he was 50 years old with a bachelor’s degree from Utah State. Once again, a very long path since he started college at The University of Utah years before.

He and his siblings have all gained their hearing through cochlear implants, but Lynn was slow here as well. He didn’t get his implant until he was 54 years old. Imagine going 54 years of quiet and not knowing sign language. Lynn mastered life in silence with only the ability to read lips and write.

Lynn started studying Karate at the age of 27, relatively older than most. But what he lacked in youth he made up in focus and determination. He earned his first Black Belt in 1987 under the instruction of Master Tom Goonan.  From here he started training is a system called Chiroku Rikiji Karate and then in 2000 he earned the highest belt you can attain, the red belt from Master Brent Undjhem. Master Undjhem was an inspiration in his life, who gave him the skill to look within and believe in himself. With a new-found courage, Lynn went to Las Vegas and fought in a world championship. At this point, Lynn had many lessons to learn still but needed to focus on overcoming his fears. Starting with the basic fear of heights, with unbreakable courage he tackled the top of the space needle. Next Lynn learned how to catch an arrow in motion, giving him the confidence to overcome all of life’s limitations.

In 2003 Lynn went in front of the board to get a 2nd degree black belt in Tia Kwon Do and impressed the board so much they awarded him, his 3rd degree black belt instead. After this he went to the American Kenpo open Karate tournament and met another man who would feed his passion even more. Ed Parker is the founder of American Kenpo and one of the most spiritual human beings Lynn had ever met. “It was like I was talking to God, or an angel, this man was the most heavenly man I had ever met”. Lynn has been doing American Kenpo ever since, today he is a 6th degree black belt.

Lynn has had the opportunity to study under one of the greatest Master in Utah. Master Tony Martinez sr. who holds a 9th degree black belt and has fought Chuck Norris, and won (I am currently having many Chuck Norris jokes run through my head).

The student becomes the teacher

Lynn started teaching only a few weeks after he became a student himself. Soon after joining his first class he had an instructor that saw something deep under the surface of Lynn. Seeing a future great, this teacher wanted to teach Lynn that sometimes the best way to learn yourself is to teach. By learning how to give of yourself, both your knowledge and your spirit you become one within yourself. The ultimate gift you have to give, is the gift of you. This passion to share of himself, is what makes Sensi Lynn the amazing teacher that he is today.

“I have learned that teaching is not the same thing as guiding, and only through wisdom and understanding that comes with experience can we graduate from, and become our own best student.” Lynn has become an incredible guide earning him the ultimate title of Sensi. By being a Sensi, he can now allow others to make mistakes and know how truly valuable these mistakes will be, for that is the only perfect way to allow growth.
 “If you point at the moon and you focus your finger, you miss all of the heavenly glory!” – Bruce Lee

At the end of every class, Lynn has his students bow, not to bow down to him but to bow with him in respect. He says it’s about both the student and the teacher being humble and teachable to one another. 

Sensi Lynn would like you to see him bow now. But I would really like for him to see me bow with him. I wish I were half the person that he is and I have heard the world around me all my life, I just forgot to listen. Until I met Lynn.

If you are interested in signing up for one of Lynn’s classes, you can find him on Facebook at

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