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The Guide from Within

Lynn Meyers is Cache Valley's local karate director from Logan Utah
A true definition of strong and committed to kids, family, and community, starts with a walk into the dojo “White Tiger Karate” at Cache Valley Athletics to watch Sensi Lynn Meyers with his students. Lynn guides students from toddler to ancient. He is so committed to his belief in family and community that he has based his program around it.

“When you join our kenpo class with your family, you are not only acting as an inspiration to your own family, but you are also inspiring other families in the class. You are setting a good example and actually inspiring everyone involved in and out of class to BETTER themselves at martial arts and in life as a whole by just participating.    It is never too late for you to better yourself, in any way! “

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Taking Shape for Life

Taking shape for your life with Jennie Black
We welcome Jennie Black to Hot as Health! Tell us about yourself.

Jennie - Ok, so my name’s Jennie Black, and I live out here in Paradise. Been here for almost 3 years. Before that we lived in Providence. I’ve lived in Cache Valley for, oh gosh, 21 years now. I grew up in Davis County but I kind of feel like, I don’t know, maybe I’m from here now, because I’ve lived here longer than where I grew up.

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Meet the Blewetts

Meet D'Marko and Erica Blewett, Nutrition, Fitness, and Weight Loss specialist
On any given day, you can walk into the gym at dub campus and find the Blewetts talking healthy living to just about anyone that will listen. But they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Changing the lives of people isn’t a job, it’s a sense of satisfaction. D’marko is the strong silent type, until you hit a topic of passion, then watch out. His eyes light up and his mind runs at 100 mph. But at the core of every thought he seems to have, he is looking for a way to “Pay it forward”, and bring strength to the everyone. If you look back to his childhood you can see why he feels it is so important to him to give strength and voice to those who have none.

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